What are the thallium stallions & the fluorine fillies? 

The stallions are the innovators of a new form of music.  You've heard of rock and roll?  You've heard of heavy metal?  The stallions & fillies create and perform a new genre, namely radioactive metal rock and roll, or "hot" metal.  It's the next evolution.

Who are the thallium stallions and the fluorine fillies?

The stallions are all anonymous former professionals in nuclear medicine.  They came from academic centers, hospitals, offices, and industry.  They came to create a new form of music, "hot" metal.

How can I hear the thallium stallions and fluorine fillies?

"Hot" metal CD's will be available shortly.  The performance schedule is posted on this web site.  Contact us (jz@thalliumstallions.com) for specific requests.

The name "Thallium Stallions" is courtesy of Miami rock star & rhythm guitarist, Joseph Willmitch.   Thank you, Joe for your creativity in a "hot" metal name for the group.  Awesome, dude.
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